Learn to Ride | Ehlerding Motorsports | Fort Wayne, IN

Basic Rider Training - This 18 hour class is designed to get you comfortable on a bike and give you the skills you need to ride with confidence.

Additional skill practice- This 6 hour class is designed to give endorsed riders some extra practice to "dust off" their skills to be better prepared for life out on the road.

Skilled Rider Class- This 6 hour class is designed for endorsed riders to give them advanced riding skills.  The students practice using their own motorcycles.

Our Coaches - Ehlerding's Rider Training Academy coaches are seasoned riders with extensive coach training throughout the State of Indiana authorized Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Coach Preparation program and they receive bi-yearly re-certification updates.

Hands on training- The basic rider class comings classroom activities and riding practice on a controlled range, while the Additional Skills Practice and the Skilled Rider classes focuses entirely on riding range practice.

Get your license- Upon successful completion of the Basic Rider Class, a State of Indiana Course Completion Certificate is issued to the student. This is all that is needed to obtain the motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. No additional testing is needed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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